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A good percentage of any auto dealership’s profits are derived from its Finance and Insurance Department. The Automotive Career Academy Automotive Finance Management curriculum has been carefully crafted to include all aspects of the subject, from automotive, motor sports and recreational vehicle dealership operations to deal structuring, lender relations and Internet Department management.

SState Motor Vehicle Department forms are taught along with all the federal requirements; students from other states may find only minor differences in their own state laws. There are hours of supervised lab time on authentic automotive F&I software, and testing is frequent so instructors can track each student’s progress. We believe there is no finer course of study for automotive F&I management anywhere in the world. The car college course is divided into four week long modules.

Module 1

Dealership Retail Operating Systems. Vehicle Sales Transaction. Finance Software. Retail Leasing. Lease Calculations. Lease Agreements. Lease Disclosures. Practicing With Deals and in a real dealership work environment..

Module 2

Finance and Insurance – Prime. Finance Products. Laws, Rules and Regulations Mandated by Federal and State Legislation. MVD and Forms. Interest and Finance Charge Calculations. Credit and Prime Lending. Loan Structuring. Loan Process and Funding, Practicing With Real Deals.

Module 3

Finance and Insurance – Non-Prime. Overview of Non-Prime Finance Lenders. Credit Bureaus, Budgeting and Deal Structuring for Non-Prime Lenders. Practicing With Real Deals. Special Finance Department Organization. Setting Up Procedures. Structuring Special Finance Deals, Introduction to Internet Finance Package for Office .

Module 4

F&I Menu Selling Process/Objection Handling. The F&I Menu Selling Process. Finance Menu Presentation. Objection Handling. Practicing Menu Presentation. Videotape Presentations.


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Time table

All our courses run Monday - Friday from 8.30am - 5.30pm

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