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Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I need to get a dealer's license?


What type of identification do you require from me?

Bring a valid California Drivers License or California Identification Card. (No out of state ID's, No Sales License, No military ID's, No passports as per DMV policy. Valid temporary "paper" California Drivers License or Identification Cards are acceptable.

Is your school approved by the DMV?

Yes. You can find us in the DMV directory as an approved school.

Is the class offered online?

The Pre-licensing class is not offered online anywhere. The DMV only allows the 4-hour renewal course online, which is only for active dealers.

Do you offer the 4-hour renewal class?

Yes. We offer the 4-hour class on campus and online.

How long after I take the class will I receive the certification?

You will receive your Certification same day at the end of the class.

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